From development to full commercial production of injectable steriles for biopharmaceutical companies worldwide

IDT Biologika is a GMP development and manufacturing organization offering services for partners committed to develop and market therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines and biological products. We use broad capabilities and a depth of technologies in collaboration with our client partners to provide end-to-end services from process development through manufacturing and fill/finish for companies involved in the development of vaccines, gene therapy and oncolytic viral therapies. Focussed on vaccines and other biopharmaceuticals, IDT Biologika utilizes stateof-the-art facilities and offers many years of experience in the development of production processes and the commercial production of viral live vaccines. We understand your challenges and strive for strong and long-term partnerships with our clients, including multi-national pharmaceuticals, biotechs, academic and research institutions, governmental and NGO’s worldwide. We are ready to collaborate for your success. IDT Biologika is a longstanding service provider for US government. Founded almost 100 years ago in Germany, the company operates sites in Germany (Dessau-Rosslau, and Magdeburg) and in the USA (Rockville, Maryland).

We invest up to 20 % of our annual revenue for continuous facility improvement.
213 Mio. €
revenue in 2020 (preliminary figures)
employees 2020
240 Mio. €
investments since 2011

Global manufacturer, global inspections and international awards

As a global manufacturer, IDT Biologika undergoes regular inspections by clients and independent regulatory agencies, such as the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). IDT Biologika’s advanced production system positions the company among the world’s leading vaccine manufacturing corporations. Pioneering technologies for the production of new vaccines and pharmaceuticals underscores IDT’s commitment to set standards for pharmaceutical production, both now and in the future. IDT Biologika’s focus on customers and operational excellence has earned the company many international awards.

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A Klocke Group company

IDT Biologika is a member of the Klocke Group. Klocke Group companies are specialized in contract production and packaging of medications, vaccines and cosmetic products. A traditional, family-owned company, the Klocke Group employs a workforce of more than 2,000 people in Europe and the U.S. The group offers comprehensive services for the manufacture and packaging of pharmaceutical products at its six production facilities.

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