Leading-edge development processes and advanced manufacturing technology for vaccines

For vaccines IDT offers leading state-of-the-art manufacturing technology from bulk drug substance to sterile filling through efficient packaging and cold chain. The competencies and capabilities reach from early development delivering test samples in small volumes to large-scale industrial vaccine production, based on equipment, technologies, manufacturing and quality processes available for all scales and development/clinical phases. IDT’s vaccine services focus on leading-edge technology for recombinant, attenuated pox viruses as substrates for specific antigens with vast experience with broad range of vectors and cell lines.

Large-scale campaign manufacture IDT has specialised in the contract production of viral and bacterial vaccines

Development of innovative cell lines The development and validation of modern test methods are a substantial element of IDT's human vaccine portfolio

State-of-the-art production facilities Production processes using the latest biotechnology methods take place in cleanrooms with cGMP classification in several state-of-the-art manufacturing buildings for vaccine production.

Extensive Manufacturing documentation During vaccine manufacture, extensive information is documented in cooperation with the contract partners to guarantee the traceability of all process steps, materials, equipment and workers